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Highest security of all the data of our client is guaranteed by CLOUD BASED IMMIGRATION CRM SOFTWARE. We do not compromise with any of your data or any kind of information as the technologies that we use are latest in the market. We continue to upgrade all our technologies so that we do not lose any scope of providing the best of the services to our clients and also provide them total protection against hackers, worms and viruses.


All the information that we provide are only accessible to the users who are authorized with us. Your information is secured with us 24x7 and is under complete and special care with all the special technologies that we have. We are very much concerned about our server security and that is why we have high security levels for both entrance as well as exit.


All your important data are backed up under high technology measures ensuring you that your data can be easily recovered in case there is any kind of disaster that might have taken place. We help you get all your data in the proper manner and keep it highly secured.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is considered to be one of the leading international standards that is best for managing the Net security system as well as measure all the information properly. All the relative measures that the company looks after includes the operating procedures, physical security, infrastructure, data management and many such related things. This is a process that has strengthened the entire process of Net Security Management of the company .