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Many big and small business firms are heavily depending on the effective mode of interpersonal communication with their clients to build a healthy relationship to smoothly run the day to day business work. It is imperative on part of the organization to consistently maintain a good rapport with the clients.

Some of the fundamental problems faced on a day to day basis are:

  • Administrative departments are overloaded with complex system of work culture
  • Difficulty in retrieving relevant information because of the hierarchical system
  • Most of the information is provided is outdated and inconsistent
  • Division of various departments is spread across different organizational units

CLOUD BASED IMMIGRATION CRM SOFTWARE has developed centralized database management software for all your immigration doubts, Queries, Travel Booking, Banking and various other important features can be accessed under one software system, it is a one stop solution for all your doubts and queries.

The immigration CRM software has been designed to reduce the complications of the organizational set up, it manages all the relevant data in a flawless and orderly manner. The software ensures in increasing the productivity, quality and result oriented solutions to all your problems.

It is the best user friendly software application to reduce the complications and workload within the organizations and most importantly less time consuming.


  • Pre Sales
  • Clients
  • Accounts
  • Assessment
  • Communication
  • Support

Pre Sales Opportunities i) Opportunities/leads
ii) Enquiries
iii) Lead (bulk mail) / import leads
iv) Missed calls
i) My tasks/ Task Report
i) My tasks/ Task Report
My Performance
i) My status / commission
ii) Call tracker
i) Create events / tickets
ii) Attendees

Clients   i) Inactive clients
  ii) File / Agreement uploads
  iii) Document /Agreement / Application Approval
  iv) Initial Agreement
  v) Case updates

Accounts   i) Create receipts
  ii) Instalment Break up
  iii) Old / invoice
  iv) Misc Fee
  v) Expense Note
  vi) Commission Details
  vii) Outstanding Balance
  viii) Refunds
  ix) Online payments

Assessment   i) Express Assessment
  ii) Assessment points / Contents
  iii) Sent / Pending Assessment

Communication Mailbox  
Mailer i) Email Sync
  ii) Simple / Bulk Mail
Messenger i) Simple / Bulk SMS

Support   i) Support Type

Help and Updates   i) Official Update
  ii) FAQ

System Administration i) Roles
  ii) User Details
  iii) Access Control
  iv) Page Level Access
Communication Settings i) SMTP Configuration
  ii) Mailing List
  iii) Email/ Back Templates
  iv) SMS Configuration
General Masters i) Country Masters
  ii) Branch / Module
  iii) Document Type
Client Masters i) Client Category
  ii) Agreement Template
  iii) Application Forms
  iv) Client Status
  v) Source / Document master